First.Crush 100ml


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Refresh and finish the hair with this limited edition Kevin Murphy hair perfume. Oozing with luxurious scents of bergamot, mandarin, patchouli and ylang ylang to leave you feeling your best self, and yearning for your FIRST.CRUSH. Think that you can use your regular perfume on your hair too? Sadly you’re wrong, regular perfumes can be drying and damaging, and that’s why Kevin Murphy have formulated an ultra moisturing mist that reduces static and leaves your hair looking glossy, and smelling irresistible. Perfect for spraying liberally over the hair to finish a style, or give your hair a boost, it also helps to smooth flyaways, promote shine and eliminate odours, and its ideal for all hair types. The travel friendly size means you can refresh the hair wherever you are, and it also makes the perfect gift for someone special.