Make-up Classes - Natural Glam

60 Minute workshop. Bring your makeup and brushes


Make-up Classes - Detailed Glam

120 Minute Workshop. Bring your own makeup and brushes


Make-up Classes - Complexion and Contour

30 Minute Workshop. Bring your own makeup and brushes


Make-up Classes - Shop with me

120 Minute Workshop. We will review your makeup and brushes (disposing any products that have expired or are not functional for you), create a list based on your needs and makeup goals then help you shop for all you need. With any remaining time, we will instruct on your new products.


Hairstyling Classes - Product Review and Education

60 Minute Hands on Workshop. We will go through the which, how, when and why of your Kevin Murphy styling products. You’ll be able to try the products in your hair and be given written instructions to ensure you leave with a full understanding of how to use each product. (you’ll receive one product free with this class)


Hairstyling Classes - Beach Hair

60 minute Hands on Workshop. Let’s create your beach look together! We provide product and tools to show you the best tricks to achieve this easy going look.


Hairstyling Classes - Super Smooth

60 Minute Hands on Workshop. Let us show you how to achieve a super smooth, long lasting style. We provide products and tools and we’ll share our secrets and watch as you practice what you learn.


*All prices are subject to change based on any additional or unexpected charges the artists may incur.

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