Today, there are many methods available when it comes to getting your desired hairstyle. Perming, rebonding, styling, coloring, and different products can work wonders for your hair… But at what cost? And if you’re wondering how to make your hair shiny and smooth, it means you have probably already paid the price for it. Only, in this case, the price was your hair’s health. The reasons for hair dullness and loss of gloss are many, from medical conditions to habits and hair regimens. Luckily, these simple tips will help you restore the smoothness and natural luster, even in coloured hair!


Switch to hydrating conditioners

The amount of times you condition your hair in your wash routine is up to your preference and strand demands. Some people use it daily, others weekly, while some opt for dry conditioners or wash their hair with conditioners only every other wash. Your hair washing routine should depend on your hair texture, elasticity, and porosity.

If you suspect that your strands lack any of these features or you notice that your hair has suffered damage, there are ways to check its features before you adjust the conditioning routine to your needs. Still, to achieve effective hair shine, focus on conditioners that provide deep hydration.

Ways to make hair shiny and smooth will differ depending on the environment you live in. If you live in a coastal climate, you probably need extra hydration

Leave-ins work wonders

We have already established that hydration is the secret to our hair’s health and appearance. Conditioners bring significant benefits to strands, but sometimes they are just not enough. If you are currently applying conditioners twice per wash, you may be wasting your time and money. Too much conditioning will make little difference because not all hair types respond the same to it.

Instead of wasting product, focus on finding a quality post-wash leave-in treatment and invest in your scalp care routine. With a professional leave-in treatment, it can act as a replacement for most serums, oils, sprays, and mists that aim for the same shine-enhancing results.

How to boost shine in coloured hair

Hair dyeing changes the natural protein in order to alter its color. Depending on the type, color, and brand, your coloured hair might since have changed from the natural properties you had based your previous regimen on. Applying the same hair regimen to newly coloured hair may not be as efficient, especially if you use permanent or demi-permanent colors. Hair that often goes under chemical treatments requires more protection and can become dry, losing luster and elasticity.

To strengthen the color bonds and make them shiny, opt for regimens specifically designed to treat coloured hair. This applies especially to blonde and pale tones because bleaching may be required to get certain shades.

Since bleaching can be aggressive on hair, avoid doing it without expert help

Use a brush that enhances the shine

It’s well known that not all combs and brushes are the same. They differ in materials, shapes, thickness, and density of the bristles. Moreover, they have different effects depending on hair type and texture. When suffering from hair breakage, static or annoying tangles, always use wide-toothed combs.

Unlike nylon and plastic, natural materials are static-resistant and environment-friendly. So, if you want to bring shine and smoothness to your strands, there is no better brushing tool than a boar bristle brush. Its popularity is not a novelty in styling since boar bristle brushes were used for centuries, helping people across the world nurture their hair. You can even comb fine and baby hair with it but also when reinforced, its use can improve shine in thick and medium strands.


Minimize use of styling tools

Styling products and tools are irreplaceable for many women and men who want to achieve their desired hairstyle. Some people use them daily, while others much less often. And while they help us control and transform our looks, they can damage the strands if done with harmful products or without professional guidance.

Heat tools can destroy keratin, and dry and weaken the hair, which is the opposite of smooth and shiny hair. To keep your hair glossy and lustrous at all times, reduce the use of heat-inducing tools, and protect your strands with heat defense products.

If you’re using heat-based styling tools regularly, heat protectants should become an important part of your care routine


Consider adding Omega-3 to your diet

Omega-3 is a fatty acid that helps regulate our body functions, fights chronic illnesses, and contributes to our overall well-being. Besides oils that are derived from fish meat such as salmon, herring, tuna, sardine, trout, and many others, you can find sources of omega-3 in some seeds and oils.

Chia and linen seeds have a good amount of fatty acids, as do olive oil, coconut oil, peanut butter, almond, and avocados. Remember, not every fat is bad fat. On the contrary! Omega-3 fatty acids are well-known metabolism boosters that not only help our hair growth and strength but can enhance fat burning during exercise.


Use quality finish sprays

If you’re aiming for a mirror-like, shimmering hair surface, you can also use finish sprays rich with antioxidants and vitamins. That’s how you will achieve the desired gloss while your hair benefits from its nourishing formula. However, even when using a quality product, the way you apply it is half the effect. To achieve the best results, spray your finish on damp or dry hair, starting approximately two inches away from the root and leaving it to dry naturally.

Replacing your pillowcase for silk one can also help with boosting shine because natural fabric reduces hair friction



When exploring how to make your hair shiny and smooth, you will probably stumble upon tons of different formulas and promises of gloss restoration. Some will recommend serums, other conditioners, or even crèmes. However, which one to opt for is totally up to your specific taste and your hair type. In most cases, thin hair thrives better with pomades and sprays, while oils boost shine in coarse and thick strands.