Have you noticed all the new art work on display? We are SO excited to announce our latest salon partnership is with Quaint & Dainty Designs.

Roanne Joyce is a local Filipino-Canadian artist based in Vancouver Island. Roanne Joyce initially wanted to pursue a career as an event calligrapher, so she started learning Modern Calligraphy in 2017. In her pursuit to become a professional calligrapher, it led her to learn floral illustrations using ink. Eventually, she found her passion & ventured more into painting floras, faunas & portraits using different mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, & digital painting. She draws inspiration from celebrating beauty in everything while adding a little bit of whimsical and modern twist. Showcasing her work in the salon is a huge honor for us and we are thrilled at the opportunity to sell her work! Look for a white tag under her artwork for details and pricing, and grab her card from the front desk to see more incredible work!