We are excited to be back to work and so thankful for our little holiday break. We hope you got to enjoy some quiet downtime, too. We are excited to announce our online and Instagram store is up and running. You can order delivery or pick up of your favorite products at shop.tenfifteenbeauty.com and use the code January to receive 10% off all orders over $100 this month.

We also want to help you start the year off hydrated and looking your best with the in-salon specials below.
All our Hempz kits and mini’s are 15% off all month!

  • Lot’s of different options and scents!
  • Helps calm and soothe skin with natural ingredients like shea butter, honey, aloe, sunflower seed oil, ginseng, and hemp seed oil
  • Vitamins A, C & E help protect against natural & environmentally triggered oxidants
  • THC free, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free

All footlogix products are 20% off

This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® is proven to moisturize and effectively eliminate deeply split, cracked skin in extremely calloused heels. It contains Evening Primrose oil to improve skin structure and Urea to hydrate and lock moisture into the skin.=

“Double-Defense” treatment for the feet formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®. This super hydrating, yet lightweight, unique mousse with Urea is both anti-aging and rejuvenating. It is absorbed immediately, locking moisture into the skin. Containing Spiraleen® it provides anti-microbial properties that relieve skin irritations. This rich mousse revitalizes hydrates and smooths the skin including, but not limited to dry or sensitive skin. Great product for night care.

This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology® is proven to moisturize and restore very dry skin. It contains Urea to hydrate skin prone to dryness. It is ideal for seniors and people with Diabetes.

The Hydrate.Me line will be 10% off all month long.

Quench dull, parched, and dry hair, with a nourishing hydration pick-me-up. HYDRATE-ME is our super-smoothing, hydrating WASH & RINSE that will replenish hair with much-needed moisture. Ideal for hair that’s naturally dry, or exposed to harsh, dry climates, it’s packed with antioxidant goodness to help restore a healthy glow to parched locks.

The Benefits:

  • Antioxidant-rich blend helps boost hydration
  • Helps add essential moisture and shine
  • Helps smooth the hair and delivers a silky-soft feel
  • Packed with vitamins and nourishing oils
  • Ideal for normal to dry hair
  • Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free